We know all too well the power “Big Money” wields in our political system. Campaigns run on special interests’ dollars removes power from where it belongs: With the people.

It’s our approach to run a door-by-door, neighborhood-by-neighborhood campaign, to be a progressive voice that answers only to the people of this district.

Separating politicians from the invasive influence of special interest groups frees them to focus on the issues that matter. Such as protecting our planet from the harmful effects climate change and investing in our schools so that all children have access to a high-quality education.

But I can’t do it without you. If you support the type of grassroots campaigning that ensures our political leaders answer only to the voters they represent, then I encourage you to join me in my push to reach 100 new $20 contributions in the next 30 days.

Donate $20 today to stand for the type of elections you believe in.


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