Dear Friends,

Two days ago, the 2017 legislative session came to a close and for 120 days Colorado’s legislators crafted legislation, debated ideas, and cast votes. As voters you put your trust in me and sent me to the State Capitol to solve problems. I am proud of all of the bills that I sponsored this session, including successes, such as HB17-1173, which protects doctors and nurses against retaliation from insurance companies. I was honored to see it receive broad bipartisan support in both chambers as well as the Governor’s signature. I am also proud of good bills that did not make it to the governor’s desk, such as HB17-1339. The Colorado Energy Impact Assistance Act has the potential to save ratepayers hundreds of millions of dollars while helping communities affected by power plant closures. HB17-1339 made it through the House but failed to pass in the Senate. One of many ideas I will continue to fight tirelessly for in the legislature.

While we have not solved all of our state’s challenges this session, we made real progress on many fronts to improve the lives of everyday Coloradans. On the last night, the legislature passed a bill to convert the Hospital Provider Fee into an enterprise. A move that will not only save hospitals from closure and preserve more than $500 million in funding for healthcare; but most importantly, it will save lives. We also made progress on the long-stuck issue of Construction Defects Litigation Reform. Both bills are compromises between Democratic and Republican lawmakers and thus no one party or individual got everything they wanted. A reminder that in Colorado the tradition of overcoming partisan politics, finding common ground, and solving problems is still alive.

The effort to identify problems, create solutions, and build consensus can be sometimes be tough on both body and spirit. Watching good ideas fall short in the State Capitol is always disheartening. However, as Ben Franklin wrote, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.”  We have many important issues to tackle in the years ahead, and I remain optimistic that with good leadership, we can rise to the challenge.

It is my honor to be your legislator and represent the needs and priorities of State House District 6. Please do not hesitate to email me at, or give me a call at 303-866-2967. Your input and voice are vital to keeping Colorado a healthy, safe, and prosperous place for all of its people.



My Bills This Session

Passed and Signed by Governor

HB17-1151: Legally defines electrical assisted bicycles and their use in order to promote use and increase possible production of them in the state.
HB17-1173: Protects doctors and nurses from adverse action by health insurance carriers when the provider disagrees with a carrier’s decision on the provision of health care services.

Passed and Awaiting Governor’s Signature

HB17-1263: Allows owners of self-storage facilities to offer small lines of insurance to occupants in order to protect their stored property.
HB17-1289: Creates a streamlined methodology for calculating historic consumptive use (HCU) of a water right, alleviating the high cost frequently associated with Water Court.
HB17-1317: Grants the state historical society the authority to sell a vacant cold storage facility located on the former Lowry Air Force base.

Passed in House and Killed in Senate

HB17-1225: Explores possible cost saving and increased efficiency if Colorado were to enter into an electric regional transmission organization (RTO).
HB17-1273: Promotes water conservation and use efficiency in real estate development by requiring developers to include water conservation and demand management plans in new developments approved by local governments.
HB17-1299: Directs the Transportation Legislation Review Committee to conduct a hearing on the potential economic costs and benefits of energy storage systems for electric utilities.
HB17-1328: Would require Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns for the last 5 completed tax years in order to be printed on the official ballot.
HB17-1373: Transfers revenue to Clean and Renewable Energy Fund and Innovative Energy Fund.
HB17-1339: Allows for the issue of low-cost ratepayer-back bonds and creation of the Colorado Energy Impact Assistance Authority.
A special thank you to my wonderful mentor this session and our JBC member,  Rep. Dave Young. You demonstrated everyday what it means to be an effective legislator and your mastery of the CO budget.

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