Here are some bills I’ve sponsored that have either met success or their doom in April.

I hope you can join Attorney General Phil Weiser and me at a 2019 Legislative Recap on May 8th to dive further into the Game of Bills

Sponsored Bills passed this month​

HB19-1087 Local Public Meeting Notices Posted On Website

Current law requires local governments to post notices of public meetings in physical locations. This bill gives a local government the option to post notices of public meetings on their online in addition to a physical location. The Governor signed this bill on April 25th. 

SB19-209 PACE Program Funding Methodology

This bill determines the funding methodology for the next two years for the Program for All inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)PACE provides medical and social services to seniors (55+) to help individuals live and stay in their homes and communities through comprehensive care and coordination. The Governor signed this bill on April 17th. 

SB19-095 Five-year Review Of Higher Education Funding Formula

This bill requires the Colorado Commission on Higher Education to conduct a review of the funding formula for higher ed institutions every 5 years so that we can maintain stable tuition fees. The Governor signed this bill on April 4th. 

SB19-077 Electric Motor Vehicles Public Utility Services

This bill expands electric motor vehicle infrastructure by allowing public utilities to apply to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to build facilities to support electric vehicles. This bill passed out of the House on April 18th.

SB19-137 Extend The Colorado Student Leaders Institute

This bill extends funding for the Colorado Student Leaders Institute program until 2024. COSLI is a state-legislated, summer residential program that prepares students for college by fostering leadership, independence, innovativeness, initiative, critical thinking, and creativity. This bill passed out of the House on April 23rd with bi-partisan support.

HB19-1003 Community Solar Gardens Modernization Act

This bill modernizes the Colorado community solar statues by increasing the capacity and scope of community solar garden projects. This bill passed out of the House on April 1st and passed out of the Senate on April 24th.

Sponsored Bills killed this month​

HB19-1270 PERA Public Employees’ Retirement Association Board Assess Climate-related Financial Risks

This bill would have required the Public Employee’s Retirement Association (PERA) to contract a study to analyze any climate-related financial risks to its portfolio. This bill was postponed indefinitely in the House Finance committee on April 8th by a vote of 1-10.

HB19-1325 Electric Car Manufacturers May Sell Directly To Consumers

This bill would have allowed electric vehicle manufacturers to sell directly to consumers, rather than having to go through a dealership like current law requires. Although this bill had bipartisan support, it failed upon third reading in the House on April 24th with a vote of 30-35.