What would you like to see introduced in 2020? ​

As we now move into the interim, I have already begun planning for the 2020 Legislative Session. I plan to take on important issues like:

    • Consumer data protection,
    • Improving energy efficiency,
    • Reducing carbon emissions,
    • Smart grid technology, and
    • Forest management.

2019 Interim Committees

Energy Legislation Review Committee

This interim session I will be serving as the Chair of the Energy Legislation Review Interim Study Committee to keep the important conversations around energy and climate going.

The committee studies issues related to energy, including energy generation, supply, storage, distribution, and transmission; energy markets and energy-related jobs; electric vehicles; and other energy-related issues.

Our first meeting will be on July 29th.

Emerging Mobility Impact Stakeholder committee

This study committee is the result of Senate Bill 19-239, a bill I carried this session that was signed into law in May. As mandated by SB239, the committee will examine economic, system and environmental impacts of new transportation technologies and business models.

Outcomes include:

    • November 2019: A report providing a recommended policy, possible rules to govern it and any recommended new legislation that might be required
    • October 2020: Establish rules to guide the policy

Our first meeting was on June 28th. Meetings will be on a bi-monthly to monthly basis through the late fall.

Economic Forecast

The Joint Budget Committee (JBC) started its interim work on June 19th with a review of several mid-year budget requests and an economic forecast.

The Legislative Council staff presented us with projections for an increase in revenue for Coloradans, and a slight economic slowdown for the nation.There is a lot of uncertainty at the federal level due to rising trade tensions with China and tariffs with Mexico. Our agricultural sector is hurting and there is a lot of uncertainty for businesses across the board. If this uncertainty continues at the federal level, we will see a slow growth rate and less ability to invest in our state.

Employment in Colorado

Colorado is at the top of the business cycle, employment is growing and wages are increasing.

Employment in the U.S.

Nationwide, GDP components are weakening, as is business and manufacturing activity with slower growth in industrial production. Overall employment growth is slowing.