This session at the Capitol was the busiest and most
productive I’ve had in my three years at the legislature so far. In
addition to the various bills I worked on, I took on the new roles of
serving as a member of the Joint Budget Committee and as the Chair of the House Appropriations Committee.

Overall, there were a total of 598 bills introduced and by the end of the
session on May 3rd, we were able to successfully pass 462 of them. I am proud to report that we delivered significant progress in clean energy, protecting the environment, reforming our judicial system,
investing in vital transportation projects, improving our education system,
ensuring free and fair elections, and reducing the costs of our
healthcare system. 

I introduced 26 different bills and 23 of them passed through both chambers and will become law by next week. Below, I’ve included some of the
highlights–check out what we were able to get done this year:

Governor Polis commenting on a busy 2019 legislative session.

HB19-1331 Remove Limitation On Evidence-based Practices Implementation For Capacity Resource Center Collaboration
Governor Signed
HB19-1326 Rates For Senior Low-income Dental Program
Signed by the President of the Senate
HB19-1313 Electric Utility Plans To Further Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Postpone Indefinitely, reworked into PUC Sunset bill (SB19-236)
HB19-1270 PERA Public Employees' Retirement Association Board Assess Climate-related Financial Risks
Postpone Indefinitely- Introduced In House - Finance + Appropriations
HB19-1214 Joint Budget Committee Requirement To Recommend Capital Financing Methods
Governor Signed
HB19-1087 Local Public Meeting Notices Posted On Website
Governor Signed
HB19-1003 Community Solar Gardens Modernization Act
Governor Signed
2019 Prime Sponsor Bills
SB19-252 State Measurement for Accountable, Responsive, and Transparent (SMART) Government Act Committee Hearings
Governor Signed
SB19-095 Five-year Review Of Higher Education Funding Formula
Governor signed


Thank you all for your support and participation during the 2018 session. I am happy to report that 14 out of my 20 sponsored bills this session have now been signed by the Governor into law. My oldest son, upon hearing about my passage rate, reacted, “Dad, that is only 70%, that’s like a C-minus…” I responded, “Have you ever had to negotiate with the Republican-controlled Senate?”


Chair of the House Select Committee on Climate Responsibility
Formed in response to Governor Hickenlooper’s Executive Order released in July of 2017, the committee worked to develop a statewide strategy to address the climate goals as set by the Governor.
Your House: House Select Committee on Climate Responsibility

Passing of HB18-1270: Public Utilities Commission Evaluation of Energy Storage
Directs the public utilities commission to adopt rules establishing mechanisms for the procurement of energy storage systems by investor-owned electric utilities.
Your House: Energy Storage

Passing of SB18-003: Colorado Energy Office
Concerning the Colorado Energy Office, reauthorizes the office and provides a stable funding level for its great work on energy efficiency and policy.

Introducing HB18-1312: Open Internet Customer Protection in Colorado
Concerning the protection of the open internet, and, in connection therewith, disqualifying an internet service provider from receiving high cost support mechanism money or other money received to finance broadband deployment if the internet service provider engages in certain practices that interfere with the open internet and requiring an internet service provider that engages in such practices to refund any such money received.
Watch my TRT World interview here

HB18-1053: Reclaimed Water Use for Marijuana Consumption
Senate Committee on Finance Postpone Indefinitely
HB18-1318 Require Presidential Candidate Disclose Tax Return
Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely
HB18-1374 Controlled Maintenance Financed Acquired Prop
Signed by Governor
HB18-1382 Create Energy Legislation Review Committee
House Committee on Legislative Council Postpone Indefinitely