We have two children in public school. My wife and I know firsthand the painful cuts our children and their teachers have endured. Since 2008 nearly $1 billion has been taken out of Colorado classrooms every year. Schools have been forced to abandon courses such as art, band, and physical education. Meanwhile, our remaining teachers have come under increasing fire, struggle with low wages, and are expected to manage ever-growing classroom sizes.
I believe that we must reinvest in public education, rethink the way we evaluate our students, and once again honor the incredibly important work of being a teacher. That’s why I support amending TABOR to reverse the massive budget cuts in our education system.

Environment and Energy

Carbon pollution is having a real and serious impact on Colorado families and livelihoods. Every day we witness the harmful effects of the changing climate that have a direct impact on tourism, jobs, and the immense natural beauty of our state. We must work together to reduce our carbon emissions and I will strive to foster collaboration both within our state and with our neighbors. We must also assertively protect Colorado’s water, air and land for future generations. My professional and research experience in the environmental and energy space has equipped me with the knowledge and tools to promote clean energy and drive substantial progress on carbon and methane emissions. Meeting this goal requires increasing the renewables portfolio standard (RPS) to maintain Colorado’s leadership nationally on the growth of clean energy sources.

End TABOR and Protect our Constitution

Our government is handcuffed by the effects of TABOR, which was added to our constitution in 1992. The provisions make it difficult for the state to adjust to continuously changing economic conditions and reduce the revenue available that could be used to improve infrastructure and fund education. Simply put, time has shown that TABOR makes governing Colorado in a reasonable way extremely difficult. This is why I joined the lawsuit to repeal TABOR on my first day in office. All of our families have felt the negative consequences of TABOR for far too long. It’s time we get our government and our state back on track.

Women’s Rights

Republicans have repeatedly introduced bills to limit a woman’s authority over her own body. We cannot let conservative politicians come between a woman and her doctor. I’m proud to serve on the NARAL Men’s Leadership Council and I will fight to protect a women’s right to choose. I have worked hard to not only uphold those rights now, but to also expand access to comprehensive birth control in Colorado. I support the continued funding of the long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) program. The program is proven to save the government money while reducing teen pregnancies, and helps to decrease the number of abortions in our state. Colorado is one of only eight states that do not guarantee protection from harassment and discrimination in the workplace, regardless of the size of the employee’s company. I support amending the Anti-Discrimination Act to ensure that all Coloradan’s are treated equally in the workplace. I will also support legislation to increase access to supportive services for women who are survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. We must act now to address and end violence against women, protect access to safe and affordable healthcare, and ensure equal pay for equal work.

Gun Violence Prevention

We have all witnessed the growing threat of gun violence in Colorado and around the country. There is nowhere else I would rather raise my two boys than in this beautiful state, but like many parents today, I worry about the safety of my children when they leave our home. That is why I am proud to be endorsed by a group like Ceasefire Colorado. Every day they work to free communities from the threat of gun violence. Too many innocent people have suffered; we cannot allow the NRA to continue to delay real action on common sense approaches to reducing gun violence.

Economic Growth and Equity

I believe Colorado is poised to be a leader in forming a more innovative and equitable society and I'm committed to helping create that future. My experience working in one of Colorado’s most innovative companies and working across the economic spectrum at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce gives me a solid background to pursue policies that will support innovative companies, small business in the state and foster economic growth. We must also work to restore fairness and opportunity as our economy grows. This means fighting for a fair minimum wage, providing access to child care for working families, family and medical leave, and further developing mass transit.


In 2015 the US Supreme Court finally recognized the constitutional right of every adult to marry the person that they love. However, the fight for equality is far from over. Everyday, the rights of our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community come under attack. The far-right and their representatives in the state legislature have proposed disturbing bills that seek to legalize discrimination. They are determined to legitimize bigotry. That type of lawmaking has no place in a modern progressive society. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” We need leaders who are not afraid to stand up to the far-right’s agenda and as your representative I pledge to do just that. I will strongly oppose any legislation that permits discrimination against LGBTQ individuals and will support legislation to protect the rights of LGBTQ Coloradans.

Senior Citizens

Colorado will see a rapid increase in the number of senior citizens in the next 15 years. As the baby boomer generation retires, there will be a steady uptick in the demand for services from health care access to senior support care. We must plan now as a state to meet these needs and make sure our most vulnerable seniors are not slipping through the cracks. We need to support senior housing options and providing help to qualified seniors to stay in their homes, such as the non-profit InnovAge that supports Program for All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE).

Campaign Finance Reform and Gerrymandering

I support comprehensive campaign finance reform in the United States and will work hard as your representative to end the creation of gerrymandered seats in Colorado at the state and federal level.

We must tackle our problems with a sense of urgency and with energy. I ask for your support in bringing fresh ideas and teamwork to the most pressing issues in our state.